The company manufactures all types of poles for lighting, power transmission and all general purposes.

Telecommunications Cell Towers

The company manufactures all types of telecommunication towers.
Length from 6m up to 80m with tensioner according to customer drawings and technical specifications.

Round Cross-Sectional Poles

Tapered poles with length starting from 3m up to 14m; round cross-section.
Stepped poles 150/ 8m (6”/4”/3”) lighting, 350/ 8m (8”/6”/6”) lighting, 350/ 10m (8”/6”/4”) lighting, 150/ 10m (8”/6”/4”) tension type and 500/ 12m (10”/8”/6”) tension & hanging type.

Structural Columns

Structural column typeis are 9/12 m, 10/12 m, 12/15 m and 12/21 m.
Poles can be manufactured according to customer requirements (Black, Painted & Hot-dip Galvanized).